Part 1: Hatsune Miku Cosplay (Append Version) - Props

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Append cosplay is the first full costume I made.  I debuted it at Otakon 2012 and then wore it again at Anime Next 2013 and Anime Expo 2013.  It was actually quite a pain to wear haha.  I bought a wig on eBay that is 100cm long, so it gets very tangled in my costume when I walk.  I also feel very stiff because I have props on my head, arms, and waist.  Other than that, I am very proud of this costume and had fun wearing it at conventions.  This costume cost approximately $100 in total to make.  I wore Neo Sunflower Aqua circle lenses.

In this post I will give some detailed photos of my costume and how I made it.  For the waist belt, I bought a cheap canvas belt from eBay ($4) as a base.  I first made templates out of cardboard of the shapes I will cut out from craft foam.  For the larger thicker parts, I used 6mm thick craft foam sheets.  For the 2 circular shapes I used 4mm large craft sheets.  I used a glue gun to glue everything together.  For the 2 white strips that float on both sides, it is 2 layers with wire sandwiched inbetween.  The wire helps to hold the shape you want it to stay in.  I used a light teal color scrapbooking paper to make all the tabs on her costume.  For the center of the circular shape, I bought 2 push-on lights from eBay ($3~ each), and glued red cellophane on top (red paint may also be a good alternative).  They use 3 AAA batteries and gives a cool light effect for the costume.  I used excess white fabric from the bodysuit to add a small pleated belt skirt on both sides of the waist.  Lastly, for the transparent glowing flames, I used clear folder separators and cut out the desired shape, used glue gun to attach the pieces, painted the ends turquoise, and used a sharpie to draw in the design.
Front side

Back side

I wanted to hide the belt buckle in the back.  Miku Append has this sort of thing jutting out in the back of the waist belt.  So I made it out of foam and glued velcro on both sides.  I glued velcro onto the belt, so it can attach and hide the back of the belt.

This is the outside view of Miku's hairpiece.  (Sorry it is a bit scratched from attaching the wig clips.  It can't be seen when worn)  

Inside view

Side view

The top of Miku's arm sleeves are similiar to her costume props, so I made it out of foam and used velcro to attach to the arm sleeves.  Tabs are made out of foam with the teal paper glued on top.

Miku has an ankle cuff on her left leg.  This is also made out of foam and attached onto the leg with velco.  I drew out the Crypton symbol with a sharpie.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and take a look at Part 2 on how the rest of the costume was made and WIP pictures.  I am considering eventually selling the costume/parts if there is interest, so feel free to send me a message.

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  1. Oh my gosh. You are amazing, girl! You totally inspired me.


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