Review: September 2016 Japan Candy Box + Giveaway!! Ends 11/6

Japan Candy Box (who also offers Kawaii Box) is a monthly subscription service that overs 8-10 Japanese sweets & snacks every month.  It costs $19.90 per month to month box and it's cheaper if you do a longer subscription.  I did an unboxing review of their Kawaii Box back in July (see HERE) and I'm super excited to announce that they contacted me again to review their latest Japan Candy Box!  I will also be holding a giveaway for one lucky reader to win their next candy box.  So keep reading to find out how ^_^

My box was shipped on 9/29/16 and I got the email notification on 10/2/16 with tracking.  The box arrived to me on 10/12/16.  It takes just about 2 weeks since it ships from Singapore.  It arrived safely but a bit crushed.

Lets begin!

I received 10 items in this box.

1. Popin' Cookin' Oekaki Animal Candy Land DIY Kit

I've never tried them but I've always seen videos of funny Japanese candy that you can create and play with.  This box has 2 of them!  I haven't tried it out yet but this first one looks like you mix the colors with the brush and design a penguin.  The instructions are in Japanese but there are pictures to help guide you so it should be somewhat easy to figure out.

2.  Coris Berry Mix Soft Candy

I had to sort through the box to figure out which candy correlates to which item on the description list.  I'm pretty sure this is #2 on the list but I was confused because this was actually a green apple flavored gum.  So careful not to swallow it!  There are four pieces in this box and the flavor did not last that long but was still tasty.

3.  Doraemon Ramune Squash Soda Bubble Gum

This looked like some very old-school gum.  The wrapper was printed with doraemon comic images and just loosely wrapped around the gum.  It really does taste like the Japanese ramune soda drink.

4. Coris Soft Centered Grape Gum

This month included a lot of gum.  This one was grape flavored and was a fun ball shape.  As pictured, the center was jelly-like.  Was very juicy at first but also doesn't last long.

5. Kabaya Mixed Fruit Bottle Candy

A basic, fun hard candy in fruit flavors.  It comes in a nice plastic container that is easy to carry around with you.  Perfect for when you need some sweets on the go.

6. Kracle Dodotto Octopus Eggs DIY Kit

Didn't try this one yet either but it looks like you use the octopus container to suck up the candy liquid and then squeeze out tiny balls to make octopus eggs.  Looks fun to make.

7.  Kanro Pure Mini Gummies

This one was my favorite!  It was a really tasty strawberry flavored gummy.  There were only 6 pieces inside and I already finished it all.

8. Calbee Vegetable Snacks

A cute little bag of crispy veggie snack chips.  Very addicting.

9.  Lotte Pokemon Ramune Candy

This had cute packaging but I thought it tasted just ok.  Powdery pill candy that tasted like pineapple.

10. Tohato Caramel Corn

This was actually in my July Kawaii box that I received.  I wonder how often they've re-used some of their treats or put in both boxes.  But I don't mind, I'm glad I was introduced to these.  It's a very tasty snack.

I hope you liked my review and would consider trying out box for yourself!  If you are interested please use my referral link.

Japan Candy Box has graciously offered to give away one of their boxes to one of my readers.  You can enter below and the winner will be contacted after the giveaway ends.  Good Luck!

xo Reeni

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Review: September Bomibox

I've been getting a lot of subscription boxes lately.  They are just so addicting.  I haven't gotten a beauty one in a long time, so when I heard about Bomi Box, I was really interested.  At first I wasn't going to get it because it was $35 (with their promo code).  It still seemed like a lot to me.  The box says they include 8 full sized and deluxe sample sized korean beauty products.  I'm usually afraid of new boxes because they are just starting out and you have no idea what they would include.   But Bomi Box is really active on social media and interacts with their followers.  They answer everyone's questions and seemed genuinely excited to bring bomi box to their customers.  They offered 2 sneak peeks for their September Box.  It said it would include a COSRX product and a Laneige Sleeping Ball.  I haven't been up to date on korean skincare but it seems like COSRX is really popular among korean skincare fanatics so I was excited to try something from this brand.  And I like Laneige products so I'm sure I'll like this sleeping ball (overnight mask).  Then they mentioned that all Founding Members who order their first box will get an extra gift.  Ok, that sold me.  I like getting freebies.  I was also worried the box would not ship to me on time since I was going on vacation in the middle of September.  I wanted to be able to unbox and share it when everyone else received theirs too.  At the time they didn't share much information about where they were shipping from and when.  I was assuming beginning of the month.  When they announced they ship in waves in the middle of the month, that got me worried.  But thankfully I got an email that my package shipped on 9/18 and had a tracking number.  Thank god they use 2-Day Priority Shipping.  I received my order on 9/21, just one day before my flight!  And now I'm writing this post while I should be packing :,D  I'll make this quick.

Cosrx Salicyclic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser
Use as a second cleanser.  This creamy bubble cleanser contains salicylic acid & botanical extracts which removes dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads.  Zits be gone.

This is my favorite product in the box.  I think I found a new favorite brand.  I can see why this brand is so popular among Korean skincare bloggers.  I have combination skin that is also acne prone and this is the type of product I’ve been looking for.  If this product and brand works well for me I’ll be looking out for it in the future.

Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
Use after your second cleanse as a toner mist.  Natural AHA (Pyrus Malus Apple Fruit Water 10%) and BHA in mineral water (jeju samdasu) enhances skin flexibility and removes dead skin cells with Allantoin for moist, smooth skin.

3 out of 8 items in this box are Cosrx.  While it might seem to biased for some I have no problems with that.  I’m excited to try more Cosrx products as a first time user.

Innisfree Jeju Hand Cream (various)
Use when your hands are dry and after washing.  Shea butter providers super moisture for dry hands with powdery floral scent. Bestseller.

I don’t really care for hand products but hand creams are still useful.   I like the brand and it’s a nice size to carry in a purse.

Cosrx Holy Moly Snail Mask
Use after toner or first essense.  Rich in snail mucin and red gingseng water, this mask provides super charged nourishment, hydration and improves the elasticity of your skin.  Boing.  Boing.

So after you use your new Cosrx cleaners and then Cosrx toner, you can use this Cosrx mask!  This mask sounds like its jam packed with nutrients so I’m very excited to try it out.

Laneige Sleeping Ball (Various)
Use before bed.  You’ll get either a Firming, Hand, or Face Sleeping Ball.  These hydrating sleeping balls work like overnight masks to give you soft hydrated skin when you wake up.

My random ball was the Hand one.  Like I said, I don’t really like getting hand products, I feel like it’s a waste.  I’ll probably try to use mine on my face anyway!  These look like very cute and portable masks.

Mediheal Lightmax Ampoule Mask
Use after toner or serum.  This juicy cellulose mask packs a lot of hydrating and brightening ingredients into its cute packaging.  It feels like putting on a bottle of serum.  Makes your skin moist, plump and bright.

Cute packaging, should be fun to try.

Missha Line Edition All Around Safe Block Essense or Mild Sun
Use after moisturizer.  A cult favorite, this is one of the most recommended multifunctional sunscreen lines for a reason.

I love sun block so I’m glad I’ll be able to try a new one.  I got the mild sun one.  I’m not sure what the difference is with the Essense Sun one but mine has 30 SPF.  If the other one is high, I wish I got that one instead.

Hemish Lip Palette Mini Kit
Apply with a lip brush or your finger.  This 5 color mini kit by one of the new classic brands in Korean Beauty will make the cutest addition to your makeup bag and give some shimmering tint to your lips for some night out glam.

I haven’t heard of this brand before but so far the packaging and lip colors look cute. 

Bonus: Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint + Cosrx Sample

Love the bonus!  I love using lip tints so I’m glad to have another one on hand.  The shape is kind of thick for carrying out.  There’s an applicator and I tested it on my hand.  It’s very long lasting. 

Overall, this box is a 10/10.  I’ve never had a box where I loved everything inside.  Each item was something I would have wanted to buy on my own if I heard about it.  I’m happy I will be able to try a lot of new and popular products.  Also, props to Bomibox for the packaging and overall contents.  The box is baby pink with shimmery gold lettering.  They used floral wrapping paper and had a nicely printed postcard with descriptions of all the products.  They chose products that had super cute packaging that makes for great pictures for bloggers when sharing their box on social media.  While $35 is a lot to spend every month, the box does contain more than $35 worth of products.  So I would not subscribe to it every month, but when I feel like getting a nice surprise for myself.  Their sneak peeks and bonuses would also help me decide if I want to get their next box. 

Thanks for reading!
xo Reeni

Review: Mini Memebox Haul

This is a super late post because I never got around to writing it.  I bought a few things from Memebox a few months ago that I wanted to share.  It was during a 20% FF code sale.  My haul was about $42 and also got 3 sample packets to try.

Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base

I bought this for it's super cute packaging and I loved the idea that it's for panda eyes.  I have terrible dark circles and this is supposedly supposed to make your eyes brighter.  It says it would visibly improve puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles.  When I put it under my eye, it does feel a little cooler but the white formula is hard to blend so it can leave a white cast if you're not thorough.  I'm not sure if I see any difference either.  But I got this on sale for $3 and its a fun and cute product to carry out for every day use.

Time on My Lip (Pink)

I've been wanting to get a full-sized lip tint and this one was on sale for $5.  I chose the hot pink color and I love it.  It's one of my favorite lip glosses to use now.  I love the color and it gives just a bit of tint to my lips without being too overpowering or drying.  I usually like to just dab some in the middle of my lips for a gradient.  I have really chapped lips so I have difficulty wearing anything on my lips, especially lipstick, so this has become my go-to lip product.

I'm Stick Shadow Set

After I received color #4 (2nd one on my arm) in my K-pop box I was very interested in getting the set for only $25.  I usually don't like stick shadows because the stick could break and dry out.  I have experience the stick falling out already, I just need to stick it back in and it will still turn up.  I just can't store it upside down, which I prefer so I could see the color swatch on the bottom.  Other than that, the pigmentation is very nice and I love all 5 shades.  Maybe I'm biased by #4 is still my favorite, it's not too dark like #5 (1st one on my arm) and not too light that you can't notice it.  It has a light brown purple tint to it.  #5 is good when you want to go smokier and #3 is a nice gold base that you can blend with.  #1 and #2 and great for the inner corners as a brightener.  I like that #2 is a bit like rose gold.  These are easy to carry out or when you just want to quickly apply some eyeshadow before you go out.

Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Packs

I haven't heard of these before but I saw it was a bestseller on their website and had many good reviews so I thought I'd try it out.  It was on sale for $17 (Full price $26).  After the discounts it came out to be about $1.70 per pack so it was a really good deal.  I only tried 2 of the packs so far and I'm not sure I like it.  I think I just don't know how to get the best consistency with the water and amount to put on my face.  Mine came out gloopy and messy.  I like the idea that it is in powder form so it seems these can last a while in storage.  The reviews also say each pack has more than one use with the amount of powder it has.  I tried splitting it up and then adding water.  I still shared it with my husband because it still felt like too much to put on my face.  After I put it on my face, and I waited 20 minutes, it dried up on my face (partially soft jelly and partially white powdery).  The jelly parts were easy to peel off but I think some parts turned white because I did not layer enough, and I could not peel off in those areas.  I think I will still need to figure this out before I can use it properly.  I will update with pictures when I do.  Otherwise these are very cutely packaged mask packs with a variety of fun ingredients.  My pack came with the collagen, calendula, charcoal, propolis, chlorella, yogurt, acerola, and paper mulberry.

I would also like to rave about Memebox's customer service.  When I was going to checkout, my lip gloss and panda stick were on sale when I added them to my cart.  After I checked out, the order went through as full price for these 2 items. I am not sure if these sale prices were a mistake (because the prices were so good!) but I was very upset when I saw they actually did go back to full price on their website after my purchase, even though I still saw them as discounted in my cart and at checkout.  I emailed customer service and they happily gave me a price adjustment and got a credit for the over charge.  I'm really happy they resolved the problem so fast and I didn't have to return the items.  Thanks Memebox!

xo Reeni