Wedding Diaries: The Shoe Game

A week before my wedding a friend of mine suggested adding games to the wedding.  I'm usually one to avoid participating in games so I hadn't thought about this at all and I had too much on my mind already with wedding planning.  I was bored that day so I decided to google it anyway.  Nothing really caught my eye until I read about "The Shoe Game" .
I hadn't heard of it before but after reading a few more blogs about it I decided it would be a fun game to add to the reception.  Also, anything involving shoes would pique my interest!  Basically you bring in two chairs to the dance floor and sit back to back with your spouse.  You take off your shoes and give each other one of them so you are holding one of your own and one from your spouse.  You'll be asked a series of questions and you raise the shoe to answer who you think would fit the question.  You won't be able to see the other person answers which makes it even more fun.  I didn't want us to know the questions beforehand so I asked my friend to look online for ideas and put together a list of questions that we can send to our DJ beforehand.

I am so glad we decided to add this game!  It was a great ice breaker after dinner when guests are starting to get tired from all the drinking and dancing.  It also makes them feel more involved and get to know the bride and groom better.  You're sure to get some funny responses that will get the crowd laughing.  I remember on our way to our hotel after the wedding we were trying to recall our answers to some of the questions.  I thought it was a lot of fun and we both laughed it off.  

Here is the list of questions that my friend put together for us.  

Let’s start off with some easy ones first…

1.    Whose idea was it to play this game?

2.    Who is younger?

Now that you get the gist of it, let’s start asking some deeper questions about your past…

3.    When you first met, who made the first move? 

4.    Who organized the first date? 

5.    Who said I love you first? 

6.    Who says ‘I love you’ most often?

7.    Before you met, who do you think was the bigger nerd in high school?

So we delved into your past, but now that you’re hitched, let’s look into the future…

8.    Who wants a baby first?

9.    Who wants more children?

10.  Who will be doing the cooking?

11.  Who will be doing the laundry?

12.  Who will be most likely to wake up grumpy?

Now to find out how you two really think of each other…

13.  Who snores the loudest?

14.  Who is more likely to be running late?

15.  Who is better at keeping surprises/secrets?

16.  Who is more adventurous?

17.  Who is the better dresser?

18.  Who is better looking?

19.  Who usually starts an argument?

20.  Who wears the pants in your relationship?

21.  Who is more romantic?

And lastly…

22. Who do you love most in this whole wide world?

Thanks for reading!
xo Reeni

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